St. Alban's Church, Highgate, at the 2011 Beaufort Street Festival


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St. Alban's Church, Highgate, at the 2011 Beaufort Street Festival


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An image of St. Alban's Church, Highgate, Western Australia being used by the community at the Beaufort Street Festival.

St Alban’s is a small limestone parish church located in Highgate, Western Australia. Built in 1889 (with enlargements in 1898) in a Victorian Romanesque style, it is one of the earliest buildings designed by well-known WA architect Sir J. J. Talbot-Hobbs (1864-1938).

Its characteristically romanesque features include the semi-circular arches, the traditional load-bearing masonry of the buttresses and solid walling, and the small window and door openings in relation to the overall wall area. The window of the nave contains stained three stained glass images of St Alban, St George and St Michael. The latter two were originally purchased for St George’s Cathedral, but upon arrival were discovered to be the wrong shape and were donated to St Alban’s. Other windows depict St Luke, Christ and the Disciples and The Virgin Mary and Child. A bell was also donated by St George’s Cathedral.


Carter, Bree


12th November 2011


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