Dragon in Parade, Balingup Medieval Carnivale


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Dragon in Parade, Balingup Medieval Carnivale


Balingup, Balingup Medieval Carnivale, carnival, carnivale, fayre, fare, dragons, dragon, smoke, parades, parade, procession, processions, re-creation, recreation, St George, Saint George, St. George, Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup, South-West WA, South-West, WA, Western Australia


A digital photograph of the parade at the Balingup Medieval Carnivale. One of the highlights of the parade was an appropriately green and scaly smoke breathing winged dragon on wheels pulled by a chain. Dragons are a popular element of the medieval period, occurring in Old English (Anglo-Saxon) literature, most famously in Beowulf, on the prows of some Viking ships, and as the victim of St George. More recently, dragons have featured in a number of stories by Tolkien, and perhaps in the popular imagination threatening damsels.


McLeod, Shane


27 August 2011


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