The University of Western Australia, Claremont Campus


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The University of Western Australia, Claremont Campus


Architecture, arrow slit windows, battlement, castellation, Claremont, Claremont Teacher’s College, crenellation, decorative effect, depressed arch, Edith Cowan University, embrasures, facade, gothic architecture, hood moulding, medieval castle, medieval warfare, merlons, military structures, neo-gothic, oriel, parapet, The University of Western Australia, Western Australia, Western Australian College of Advanced Education


A view of The University of Western Australia’s Claremont Campus. The Claremont Campus building was constructed in 1901 and originally housed the Claremont Teacher’s College. It was then home to the Western Australian College of Advanced Education from 1981 and was a campus of Edith Cowan University before being purchased by The University of Western Australia in 2004.

At the roof of the façade and along the top of the oriel window, crenellation has been used for decorative effect. Crenellation was an architectural feature commonly employed in medieval castles and military structures. Cut into parapets, it provided both openings through which weapons could be fired (the embrasures) and raised sections of stone to protect from oncoming fire and obscure visibility (the merlons). The depressed arch around the main door and rectangular hood moulding is also characteristic of late gothic architecture of the fifteenth century.


McEwan, Joanne


28 January 2011


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