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Will Schaefer’s novel ‘The Wolf Letters’ is a murder-mystery set in England in 1936, but the murders relate to events in the eighth century. An historian investigates. The novel was inspired by the life of the Anglo-Saxon missionary Winfrith/St Boniface. Amongst information directly related to the novel, the associated website includes recommendations for those wanting to read Anglo-Saxon literature and invites people to contact the author, who has an Honours degree in History from UWA, about Anglo-Saxon literature. The website also includes photographs of some of the creative publicity used to advertise the book, including a ‘medieval marathon’, by bicycle, around the Swan River with the author dressed as a warrior-monk being chased by four devils!

The Anglo-Saxon Winfrith/St Boniface is often referred to as the Apostle of the Germans and was the first archbishop of Mainz. He was killed trying to convert the Frisians in 754 or 755.     

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