Grand Theatre: ’Under the Red Robe”

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Grand Theatre: ’Under the Red Robe”


Alma Rubens (1897-1931), Cardinal Richelieu (1585-1642), Day of the Dupes (1630), drama, duel, fiction, film, Gil de Berault, Grand Theatre, Henri de Cocheforet, historical fiction, honour, Huguenot, John Charles Thomas (1889-1960), literature, Louis XIII, Mademoiselle de Cocheforet, “Medieval romance”, movie, novel, Robert B. Mantell, screen Stanley J. Weyman (1855-1928), “Under the Red Robe”, WA, Western Australia


In this notice about the upcoming programme for the Grand Theatre, a screening of the 1923 silent film “Under the Red Robe” is announced. The film is based on Stanley J. Weyman’s historical novel of the same name. The novel is described in the article as a medieval romance, although it is set in seventeenth-century France. The story opens in 1630, when Gil de Berault sets out on a search for fugitive Huguenot Henri de Cocheforet, on the orders of Cardinal Richelieu. He has offered his martial skills to Richelieu in exchange for his life after being arrested for duelling in Paris. Although he does indeed find and arrest M. de Cocheforet, he realises that he has fallen in love with his sister and lets him go free to restore his honour. The story ends on the Day of the Dupes with the marriage of de Berault and de Cocheforet.  

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16 December 1925, p. 12.


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