Medieval Combat Demonstration at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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Medieval Combat Demonstration at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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A medieval combat demonstration performed by members of The Grey Company at the Perth Medieval Fayre. The participants here are wearing circa fifteenth-century sallet style helmets and various articles of plate armour, including breastplates to protect the chest, gauntlets to protect the hands, vambraces covering the arm from the wrist to the elbow, rerebraces extending from the elbow up to the shoulder, pauldrons to protect the shoulder and plate cuisses to cover their legs. They are fighting with examples of medieval weaponry ranging from one- and two-handed swords to throwing axes and halberds. The Grey Company is a historical re-enactment group specialising in the weapons and combat of the ‘Dark Ages’ and the medieval period more generally. For more information about The Grey Company, see

The Perth Medieval Fayre is organised by the Western Australian Medieval Alliance (WAMA). In 2011 it was held at Supreme Court Gardens on 19 March. Enthusiasts and vendors showcased a range of medieval arts and crafts, from dancing, calligraphy and lace-making to demonstrations of the techniques, weaponry and apparel of medieval combat.


McEwan, Joanne


19 March 2011


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