Medieval Weaponry at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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Medieval Weaponry at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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A display of medieval weapons handcrafted by members of the Grey Company at the Perth Medieval Fayre. The weapons featured here include staff weapons such as halberds and spears, poleaxes, and also flanged maces and throwing axes. The Grey Company is a historical re-enactment group specialising in the weapons and combat of the ‘Dark Ages’ and the medieval period more generally. For more information about The Grey Company, see

The Perth Medieval Fayre is organised by the Western Australian Medieval Alliance (WAMA). In 2011 it was held at Supreme Court Gardens on 19 March. Enthusiasts and vendors showcased a range of medieval arts and crafts, from dancing, calligraphy and lace-making to demonstrations of the techniques, weaponry and apparel of medieval combat.


McEwan, Joanne


19 March 2011


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McEwan, Joanne, "Medieval Weaponry on display at the Perth Medieval Fayre," in Medievalism in Australian Cultural Memory, Item #406,


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