Australian Early Medieval Association practical session


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Australian Early Medieval Association practical session


AEMA, Australian Early Medieval Association, conference, Denmark, medieval craft, Norse, Perth, practical session, re-creation, recreation, replica, Roskilde, Royce Carrig, Skuldelev, ship, ships, boat, boats, Swan River, University of Western Australia, Viking, WA, Western Australia, Perth


Image of some delegates of the 2010 conference of the Australian Early Medieval Association (AEMA) held at The University of Western Australia visiting a re-creation Viking ship built by Royce Carrig of Perth. AEMA conferences commonly include at least one practical session where delegates experience a re-creation of an aspect of the early medieval world. The wooden ship was built from plans of an excavated Viking ship, and can usually be found anchored in the Swan River at the 1st Pelican Point Sea Scout Group base in Crawley. It is based on one of the five eleventh-century ships deliberately sunk near Skuldelev in Denmark to create an underwater barrier protecting Roskilde.

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McLeod, Shane


18 November 2010


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