St George Statue, St George’s Cathedral, Perth, Western Australia.

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St George Statue, St George’s Cathedral, Perth, Western Australia.


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Images of the St George woodcarved statue in St George’s Cathedral, Western Australia. The statue was purchased from Oberammergau in 1970. Oberammergau is a town in Bavaria known for its woodcarvers and, perhaps more famously, it’s production of a passion play. The legend of St George slaying the dragon is Eastern in origin. It is thought to have been brought back to England by crusaders, where it was incorporated into the chivalric tradition. For more on the St George legend in Australia, see Andrew Lynch, “‘Thingless names’? The St George Legend in Australia”, The La Trobe Journal, vol.81, Autumn 2008, pp.40-52:


Lynch, Andrew


12 March 2008


Photographed with permission of the Dean, St George's Cathedral


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