Medieval helmet replicas at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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Medieval helmet replicas at the Perth Medieval Fayre


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Images of replica medieval helmets for sale at the Perth Medieval Fayre. An assortment of different styles are displayed, ranging from early ‘norman’ style helmets that offered only a nasal bar to protect the face from injury, to post-thirteenth-century variations on the Great Helm with moveable grilles, an armet helm, a fourteenth-century barbuta style helmet and a bascinet.
The Perth Medieval Fayre is organised by the Western Australian Medieval Alliance (WAMA). In 2011 it was held at Supreme Court Gardens on 19 March. Enthusiasts and vendors showcased a range of medieval arts and crafts, from dancing, calligraphy and lace-making to demonstrations of the techniques, weaponry and apparel of medieval combat.


McEwan, Joanne


19 March 2011


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