Canterbury Cross, St George’s Cathedral, Perth


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Canterbury Cross, St George’s Cathedral, Perth


Anglican, Anglo-Saxon, brooch, Canterbury, Canterbury Cathedral, Christ Church, Christian, Christianity, religion, religious, copy, cross, Friends of Canterbury Cathedral, Latin, Perth, WA, Western Australia


Image of a copy of an eighth-century cross in St George’s Cathedral, Perth. The cross was given to the Cathedral in 1935 by the Friends of Canterbury Cathedral. The cross is on a stone plaque and is a copy of the Anglo-Saxon cross from Canterbury Cathedral, England. The Latin inscription states that the original was made in the eighth century, however it is now thought more likely to be from the mid-ninth century. The design of the original cross was based on Anglo-Saxon brooches.The stone in which the cross is set was supposedly taken from the walls of Christ Church, Canterbury.


McLeod, Shane


29 May 2011


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