Redemptorist Monastery, Vincent Street, North Perth

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Redemptorist Monastery, Vincent Street, North Perth


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Two black and white photographs of the Redemptorist Monastery in North Perth, Western Australia. These images are part of the Passey Collection, which is held by the State Library of Western Australia. The Federation Gothic style monastery and church buildings were designed by Michael and James Cavanagh for the Redemptorist Order of the Catholic Church, which had been established in WA in 1899. They were opened on 13 September 1903, only a few years before these photographs were taken c.1905. An additional monastery wing was later added in 1912 and a transept and chancel in 1922. The monastery and church were added to the WA Heritage Register in 2006.

A number of neo-gothic features are clearly visible in the architecture. In particular, these include the high gable, lancet arches, entrance porch and large traceried window of the church, the multiple stone buttresses and the pinnacles. The monastery entrance is also distinctive, flanked by two hexagonal columns extending into crenellated turrets.


Historical Records Rescue Consortium (HRRC)


State Library of Western Australia


c. 1905


HRRC/State Library of Western Australia


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