Parading with Banners at Carnevale, Fremantle, Western Australia


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Parading with Banners at Carnevale, Fremantle, Western Australia


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Costumed revellers parading down Fremantle’s cappuccino strip in Western Australia during the 2011 Fremantle Carnevale parade.
Carnevale is a traditional community festival that temporarily promotes disorder and frivolity using masquerade, cross-dressing, music, dance and the popular or ritualised ridicule of authority figures. In the medieval period, it came to be strongly associated with the Catholic period of Lent. Carnevale was thereafter regarded as a time for festivity and light-hearted jest beginning with the Feast of the Epiphany and lasting until Shrove Tuesday, when the church bells would toll to signal the beginning of Lent.


McEwan, Joanne


3 March 2011


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