Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church, Sydney, New South Wales


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Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church, Sydney, New South Wales


Anglican, Edmund Thomas Blacket, William Grant Broughton, Bishop Broughton, buttress, Christ Church St Laurence, crenel, Gothic, Gothic Revival, New South Wales, NSW, parapet, pointed arch, Henry Robertson, spire, Sydney, tower, tracery.


Christ Church St Laurence Anglican Church is at 812 George Street in the inner-city suburb of Haymarket in Sydney, New South Wales. The foundation stone of the church was laid by William Grant Broughton (1788-1853), Australia’s first Bishop, on New Year’s Day 1840, and he consecrated the church on September 10, 1845. The original architect was Henry Robertson, who completed the walls of the nave and the base of the tower. Edmund Thomas Blacket (1817-1883) was responsible for much of the interior, including the stone window tracery and ceiling. Following a fire in 1905 the architect John Burcham Clamp (1869-1931) restored much of the interior. Christ Church St Lawrence is in the Gothic Revival style and the interior features pointed arch windows lancet windows with stone window mouldings, tracery, and stained glass, a timber ceiling with trusses, and a painted wall around the east window. Painted interiors of churches was common during the medieval period before the Reformation, after which many were white-washed in countries which turned from Catholicism.

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