152 Elizabeth St, Sydney, New South Wales


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152 Elizabeth St, Sydney, New South Wales


Buttress, capital, crenel, column, Gothic Revival, ionic column, New South Wales, NSW, Oak Barrel Liquor Shop, oriel window, parapet, Romanesque, Romanesque Revival, semi-circular arch, Sydney, tower, volute.


The red brick and stone building at 152 Elizabeth St in Sydney, New South Wales, incorporates a number of architectural styles. Most prominent of these is the medieval Romanesque style seen in the semi-circular arched windows on the second and third storey, and the doorway. The two oriel windows are usually found in Gothic Revival architecture, especially when used above a doorway as here. Finally, the entrance features two ionic columns with volute capitals, a style first used in Classical Greece. The building also has a low tower with two buttresses on each end, and the parapet on top of the building has crenels on top of the towers, giving the impression of fortification. Part of the ground floor of the building is now occupied by the Oak Barrel Liquor Shop.


McLeod, Shane


December 17, 2012


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