Novaro’s Italian Restaurant sign, Launceston, Tasmania


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Novaro’s Italian Restaurant sign, Launceston, Tasmania


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Novaro’s Italian Restaurant is in Brisbane Street in the northern Tasmanian city of Launceston. The photograph shows the sign for the restaurant, which features a Lion of St Mark. This particular version is, with the addition of a halo, essentially the same as the one that appeared on the flag and coat of arms of the medieval Republic of Venice and still continues to be associated with Venice today, including its film festival. The logo features a winged lion holding an open book with one paw. The Latin text on the book reads ‘Pax tibi Marce, evangelista meus’ (Peace be with you, Mark my evangelist), which comes from an early medieval Venetian legend about an angel appearing to St Mark at a lagoon at Venice.

For their website, which features a silhouette of the Lion of St Mark, see



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November 26, 2012


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