Advertisement for the Medieval Shoppe Australia


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Advertisement for the Medieval Shoppe Australia


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An advertisement for The Medieval Shoppe, a store in NSW which produces and sells replicas of swords, shields, armour, and other historical weapons. The advertisement is shot in black and white and features The Medieval Shoppe crest and five men clad in armour and bearing weapons. The five men, representing warriors, knights and infantrymen, are wearing armour from different eras, including chain mail, plate armour, helmets, and leather padding. The weapons include swords and a halberd, a primarily Swiss weapon of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The Medieval Shoppe logo features three arrows.

'Shoppe' is a Middle English (late twelfth to late fifteenth century) version of 'shop'.


The Medieval Shoppe


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Image used with the permission of The Medieval Shoppe.


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