Halberd on Display at Gothic Revival Ruin in Central NSW


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Halberd on Display at Gothic Revival Ruin in Central NSW


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An image of a replica of a medieval halberd. The image was taken at the abandoned Catholic church of St. Malachy in Gooloogong, New South Wales. It was featured on the Facebook site for the Medieval Shoppe, who design historical replicas of swords, armour and other weapons.

Halberds were especially popular with infantry in Switzerland in the fouteenth and fifteenth century. The Swiss Guard at the Vatican still use ceremonial halberds.

The church, which fell out of use in 1914, was also used as an infants' school, but was later abandoned and has been ever since. The building possesses many Gothic architectural features, such as a vaulted ceiling, and arched doorways and windows.


The Medieval Shoppe


The Medieval Shoppe, Facebook page


Accessed 26/11/2012


Image used with the permission of The Medieval Shoppe, 2012


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