Church of the Apostles exterior, Launceston, Tasmania

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Church of the Apostles exterior, Launceston, Tasmania


Buttress, Catholic, Church of the Apostles, Gothic, Gothic Revival, lancet window, Launceston, Cardinal Moran, Patrick Francis Moran, pointed arch, spire, stained glass, Tas, Tasmania, tower, tracery, Bishop Willson, Robert William Willson.


The Catholic Church of the Apostles is in the Tasmanian city of Launceston. The foundation stone was laid in 1864 by Tasmania’s first catholic Bishop, Robert William Willson (1794-1866). The foundation stone for the tower and spire were laid by Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran (1830-1911), Archbishop of Sydney, in 1889. The main church building was completed in 1866 and is made of dolerite with freestone dressing. It is in the Gothic Revival style with a square tower topped by a spire, lancet windows with tracery and stained glass, buttresses, and pointed arch doorways.

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November 18, 2012


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