Minerva’s Tower at Balingup Medieval Carnival 2012 film

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Minerva’s Tower at Balingup Medieval Carnival 2012 film


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This 11 minute film on YouTube shows has been pieced together from separate performances by Minerva’s Tower at the 2012 Balingup Medieval Carnivale. The event was held in the town of Balingup in the south-west of Western Australia on August 25-26. The film was made by Belinda Bennett. The film shows the band perform a six pieces comprised of traditional folk music, a Renaissance tune, and a thirteenth century trouvère (northern French version of troubadour) song.

Minerva’s Tower are a Perth-based band who performs medieval and neo-medieval folk music, including some original compositions. The band consists of two multi-instrumentalists, Alana Bennett and Dylan Kerr.

For the film see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKLvfAJChL4

For the band see http://ausmed.arts.uwa.edu.au/items/show/1051



Bennett, Belinda


September 11, 2012


Minerva's Tower



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