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A photograph of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney that most likely dates from between 1920 and 1925. St Andrew’s Cathedral is located on George Street in Sydney and is part of the Town Hall group of buildings. It is the oldest cathedral…

Sketch of the Wesleyan Church, designed by the architect Thomas Rowe, at Woolloomoolo in New South Wales. The church is typical of the gothic revival style with its spire and arched, gothic windows.

This small round window above the altar in the New Chapel at New Norcia bears the Cross of St Benedict in stained glass. A cross dominates almost the entire frame surrounded by the letters C. S. P. and B. These letters denote the Latin phrase…

A view of the large rose window on the eastern wall of Winthrop Hall at The University of Western Australia. Inside the hall, the rose window is a focal point above the dais. Rose windows were popular decorative features of Romanesque and especially…
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