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Rescue of Austrian Nazi_The West Australian_9 October 1933_p9.pdf
In this report from Munich in 1933, an ‘amusing story’ about the escape of Nazi leader Franz Hofer from an Austrian prison is recounted for WA readers. Not long before his escape in August 1933, Hofer said, he heard one of the Austrian…

AlfredaCantatabyE.Prout SydneyMorningHerald301186.pdf
This anonymous article in The Sydney Morning Herald on 30 November 1886 is a review of a musical performance about Alfred the Great. The cantata ‘Alfred’ was composed by Ebenezer Prout with a libretto by Mr Grist. The piece is based…

A photograph of a sign at the Balingup Medieval Carnivale. The sign marks the stage area of the Carnivale site, labelled the ‘Jongleur Path’. ‘Jongleur’ is a term from Old French used during the medieval era for a wandering…
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