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Heiress marries Prince_Western Mail_29 June 1933_p24.pdf
In this article from the Western Mail, news from Paris informs readers about a cheering crowd of 3000 people, mostly women, who mobbed Miss Barbara Hutton, the American Woolworths’ heiress, and Russian Prince Alexis Mdivani as they left the…

Taken from the West Australian, 15 June 1935, p. 2. Pertains to the aesthetics of the Perth City Skyline, which includes a number of Gothic architectural features, including a griffin, spires and a gargoyle.

These interior photographs of Wesley Church show some of the stained glass windows. The window featuring a warrior in full armour and wearing a crown is particularly inspired by the medieval era. The warrior, St George, carries a sword and shield…

The Window of Old Testament is in St David’s Anglican Cathedral, Hobart. It was created by the firm Burlison and Grylls in London and installed in 1872. The window is made up of three lancet windows with a figure in each: King David, King…
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