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A photograph of chain mail being hand-crafted according to the traditional medieval method at the Perth Medieval Fayre. Chain mail is made by interlocking a number of metal rings to form small sections. Each ring is linked through four others and…

A drawing by Fred Leist depicting an Australian soldier of 1915 shaking hands with a Crusader of 1189, with the cross of St George as the backdrop. Whilst the Australian soldier is shirtless and wearing shorts, the Crusader knight wears chain-mail,…

Perth Med Fare.JPG
Flyer for the 2011 West Australian Medieval Allliance's Perth Medieval Fair. A man dressed as a knight in full armour is depicted.

In this black and white photograph from the Laurie Payne Collection of Theatrical Photographs (held by the National Library of Australia), actors Laurie Payne and Tony Hughes in their costumes for the musical Camelot are pictured with an unnamed man…
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