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A view of the neo-romanesque apse at Christ Church, North Adelaide. An apse is an octagonal or semi-circular domed recess that protrudes from the Eastern wall of a church. They were popular additions to transepts in medieval Romanesque architecture.…

Image of Gothic style arched window at St. Mary's Cathedral in East Perth, Western Australia.

About St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral:

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is a neo-gothic cathedral located in Perth, WA. It was…

Arched windows at Bethany Church of God on Raglan Road in North Perth. The Church, designed by architect J. Hine, was originally built in 1913, and has received further renovations in 1935 and in more recent years.

Ballarat Clarendon College in the Victorian city of Ballarat was established in 1974 through the amalgamation of Ballarat College (est. 1864) and Clarendon Presbyterian Ladies’ College (est. 1876). The school is now associated with the Uniting…
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