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A wood engraving by an artist for the Victorian Millers' Union which commemorates the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the eight hour working day in Victoria. Some historians consider trade unions to be the successors of medieval guilds.

This large oil on canvas history painting by Victorian artist Ford Madox Brown was purchased (directly from the artist) by the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1876. Subtitled “Geoffrey Chaucer Reading the ‘Legend of Custance’ to…

VikingGalleyOffUK Examiner26749.pdf
A newspaper article on the front page of the Launceston newspaper Examiner on 26 July, 1949. The article reports on the voyage of the replica galley ‘Hugin’ from Denmark on its journey to Broadstairs in Kent, England. The Hugin had a…

Magna Carta_West Australian_15 June 1935_p11.pdf
On the seven hundred and twentieth anniversary of the first issue of Magna Carta (in 1215), this article in the Western Mail outlines the charter’s significance for English history and notes that special lessons had been delivered in…
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