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Medieval Anatomy_The Argus_15 Spetember 1931_p21.pdf
Despite recognising that Flemish physician Andreas Vesalius (1514-1564) was one of the most progressive anatomists of his day, this article from The Argus in 1931 incorrectly labels his views as those of ‘medieval anatomy’. The article…

Plastic Surgery_Canberra Times_14 October 1927_p13.pdf
This article traces the roots of modern cosmetic surgery to the medieval period. It suggests that the first forms of plastic surgery were performed by a fifteenth-century Sicilian family, the Firancas of Catania. The practice then fell into disuse,…

'Galen, Hippocrates & Aretaeus' (c. 1889), photo D. Urry(1).jpg
This is the lower section of a two-tiered Gothic Revival stair window located in the Anderson Stuart Building at the University of Sydney. The window was donated by John Harris Esq., at a cost of £120 in c.1889 (Calendar of the University of…
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