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A view of the western façade of St John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Fremantle, Western Australia. Located in King’s Square, this church was designed by W. Smith and built by J. J. Harwood and Son to replace an older church that had…

Sketch of the Wesleyan Church, designed by the architect Thomas Rowe, at Woolloomoolo in New South Wales. The church is typical of the gothic revival style with its spire and arched, gothic windows.

An image of the vaulted ceiling of St. Patrick's Convent School located on South Street in York, a town ninety minutes south east of Perth in Western Australia.

The school was built in 1873 by Father Patrick Gibney for the Sisters of Mercy. The…

An image of the vaulted ceiling of St. Patrick's Catholic Church in the town of York, ninety minutes south-east of Perth Western Australia.

The foundation stone of St. Patrick's Catholic Church was laid on St. Patrick's Day in 1875, with the…

Illus Australian News 1888 31 March Queens College Unimelb Sketch.pdf
An engraving depicting the then new appearance of Queen's College at the University of Melbourne in 1888. Either side of the gothic style building are the portraits of the architects, Rev. W.A. Quick and E.H. Sugden.

An engraving featured in The Illustrated Australian News of the recently built Gothic Revival style offices of the Modern Permanent Building Society.

Engraving in the Illustrated Australian News of the Great Hall as it appeared during the exhibition of 1888.

Beautiful, arched, gothic style ceiling at St. Mary's Cathedral, East Perth.

About St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral:

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is a neo-gothic cathedral located in Perth, WA. It was constructed in four…
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