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A photograph of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney that most likely dates from between 1920 and 1925. St Andrew’s Cathedral is located on George Street in Sydney and is part of the Town Hall group of buildings. It is the oldest cathedral…

Hacket Buildings_The Architects Description_Western Mail_21 April 1932_pp13-14.pdf
This article provides a description of Winthrop Hall and the Hackett Buildings at the University of Western Australia by the architect, Rodney Alsop, shortly after they were opened in 1932. Alsop describes the guidelines he was set, namely that there…

Illus Australian News 1886 24 July Federal Coffee Palace Collins St West Melbourne.pdf
An engraving featured in The Illustrated Australian News of a design for the Federal Coffee Palace in West Melbourne. The gothic style of the design is very typical of nineteenth century architecture in Australia and other nations with British…

This atmospheric engraving from 1887 in The Illustrated Australian News depicts the gothic architectual style, including crenellation and turrets, of the 'Old Convict Church' at the penal settlement of Port Arthur in Tasmania.

A page of engravings depicting notable landmarks and monuments in Adelaide at the end of the nineteenth century. One notices a strong gothic influence in the appearance of Colonel Light's monument and some of the buildings in Victoria Square.

Engraving in the Illustrated Australian News of the Great Hall as it appeared during the exhibition of 1888.

Illus Australian News 1888 31 March Queens College Unimelb Sketch.pdf
An engraving depicting the then new appearance of Queen's College at the University of Melbourne in 1888. Either side of the gothic style building are the portraits of the architects, Rev. W.A. Quick and E.H. Sugden.

Engraving in The Illustrated Australian News of the Chateau Tahbilk Vineyard's exhibit at the 1888 Great Hall Exhibition. The exhibit was made to look like with a medieval-style tower, complete with crenellation.
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