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Finucane-Higgins_Western Mail_6 February 1930_p36.pdf
This article from the wedding column of the Western Mail gives an account of the wedding of Josephine Higgins and Kevin Finucane at St Mary’s Cathedral on 6 January 1930. The bride’s dress is described as a picture frock of soft white…

For St Marys_The West Australian_1 June 1929_p7.pdf
This photograph from the West Australian shows a mason carving a crocket on a stone pinnacle during the building of St. Mary’s Cathedral in East Perth in 1929. The caption accompanying the photograph likens his work to that of a medieval guild…

Image of St. George's Anglican Cathedral at 38 St. George's Terrace, Perth, Western Australia. A typical example of the 'Gothic Revival' style of architecture, the cathedral was designed by Sydney architect Edmund Blackett.

The interior features of St. Mary's Cathedral in East Perth, WA. As these images suggest, the cathedral combines typically neo-gothic archways and domes with the clean, crisp lines of its more recent renovations, which were completed in…

Two interior photographs of St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne. Features include stained glass windows, including the Great Window installed in 1867 (photograph 3), a vaulted ribbed ceiling, window tracery, and internal arches featuring…

Image portraying some of the particularly 'gothic' features of the interior of St. George's Cathedral on St. George's Terrace in the Perth CBD.
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