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The Australian Jubilee Peerage (25 June 1887), p. 18.jpg
This full-page illustration by the Bulletin’s American-born cartoonist Livingston Hopkins (aka ‘Hop’), pokes fun at some of Australia’s prominent political figures. The 25 June 1887 issue of the Bulletin reviewed Queen…

White Knight (17 Nov 1894), p. 14.jpg
In this cartoon from The Bulletin in 1894 a serious-faced Edmund Fitzgibbon, fully-armoured and seated astride a caparisoned Kangaroo instead of a steed, charges off to give battle to an unnamed adversary. On a handy perch (a sign pointing to India),…

Detail FitzGibbon  - 'Melbourniana' (23 Feb 1895), p. 12.jpg
This is another cheeky comment from Bulletin cartoonist Tom Durkin, directed at the reputedly self-important chairman of the Melbourne & Metropolitan Board of Works, E. G. Fitzgibbon. In the cartoon Fitzgibbon is throwing a temper tantrum over…
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