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A correspondent from Tourism Western Australia writes about the monastic town of New Norcia for The Sydney Morning Herald.

St Gertrude’s College, New Norcia. St Gertrude’s opened in 1908 and originally functioned as a convent boarding school for girls. It was staffed by Josephite sisters, the first of whom were sent to New Norcia by Mary Mackillop at the…

St Ildephonsus College, New Norcia. St Ildephonsus opened in 1913 as a boarding school for boys. It was staffed by Marist Brothers until 1965, when the Benedictines took over. The school closed in 1991 and is now used primarily as a venue for…

The front façade of the Abbey Church, New Norcia. The original church building was constructed from stones and plaster. In 1908, New Norcia’s second Abbot, Bishop Fulgentius Torres, added this Italian Renaissance style façade…
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